Still waking up early. :-(. Finished The Da Vinci Code while still in bed. Met Dom, Doreen and the other volunteers at the coffee shop (which seems to be the meeting point for everything!). A few of us went for brunch in a cafe on the other side of town.

We spent the afternoon helping the Rotary of Guatemala (a lot younger than our Rotary!). We sorted through donated clothes to send to hurricane victims, bagging two outfits per person, and cereal for kids. People donate some weird stuff. Among the bags and piles of clothes, we found:

  • one leg warmer
  • a red strapless dress
  • a black ballgown
  • a few sexy slips
  • a cabbage patch doll
  • a Santa hat
  • a dinner jacket

We got driven back to the coffee shop and we chilled out there for a while: tiring work sorting through and bagging clothes for five hours! Finally got a photo of Volcan Agua cuz the clouds had cleared – hopefully I’ll figure out how to get it on my webpage in the next few days! A few of us went to a restaurant called Monoloco for supper – had a huge veggie burrito – couldn’t finish it. Learnt a bit about baseball from new volunteer Keegan. Apparently Alex Rodriguez is great!

In bed by 9pm. The dog in the homestay had puppies around 10.30pm, and all the noise woke me up, and I couldn’t get back to sleep for ages and ages. Beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get a normal night’s sleep while I’m here!


  1. Got a taker for the red strapless dress and the dinner jacket – what size are they?
    Our Chairman said that the Rotary he is in has young members – if you consider men in their forties young. Apparently you can get volunteering scholarships with the Rotary so maybe you should consider that if you want to go again.
    Hope the puppies are well.

  2. Not the ballgown then? Plenty of places in Denbigh to wear a ballgown aren’t there Francesca? I could make tastless jokes about one legwarmer, but i’ll give it a miss this time. I hope the puppies are well too – Oh, and you Francesca

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