Whilst lying awake at 5am (still falling asleep too early hence the ridiculous hour) and going through my Spanish, it dawned on me that all of yesterday, I was learning ‘ser’ (to be) and all the questions I was answering were ‘I am’, ‘you are’, ‘he is’, etc. I can be so dense sometimes!

So second day of Spanish. Moved onto ‘estar’, also ‘to be’, but in different circumstances. Then moved on to ‘haber’, to have, and lost me completely! It’s so infuriating when you can’t say what you want to in English cuz the teacher can’t understand, and you can’t understand what she is saying either! But this seems to be how it’s done here, so I can’t really get angry about it. Word of warning if ever any of you plan to come here to learn Spanish (as most gringos seem to): bring a really good dictionary, make sure you have a lot of patience, and that you don’t mind a lack of structure! Learnt (or at least copied down) lots and lots of adjectives and antonyms too.

Went home and practiced a bit before lunch. Lots of people seem to get homework, but mine is just to practice. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. Checked my emails after lunch, but the power cut out twice and I was getting impatient cuz the connection was slow too. I wanted to have a proper look around town, but I’m quite intimidated going by myself (cuz everyone else is in their projects). It’s a nice enough town but nowhere is really ‘open’ – you don’t know what a place is until you’re on top it or past it. I still don’t feel like I know enough Spanish to get by alone either. And I can’t imagine looking around the ruins is much fun alone, but I may have to resort to that!

After supper, Carolina (my host mother) told me and Keegan (volunteer from Alaska) lots of stories about Antigua, mostly about Holy Week and all the religious stuff around here. Between us, I think we actually understood most of it! I’m starting to understand what people are saying to me (rather than just guessing), but I’m just struggling to talk back! Not much you can say using ‘to be’ and ‘to have’!

Figured out that I’m drinking much less coffee here than at home and that’s probably why I’m so tired. So I had an extra cup with supper and managed to stay awake til 11pm! I’m such a rebel.

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