We went swimming again in the morning. We’re not sure if we should be bothered by the lack of guests in the hotel, or if it’s just low tourist season. At least we have the pool to ourselves though!

I looked over my homework before school to try to spot any errors. Less mistakes than yesterday which was good, but did reflexive verbs which I’ve already done in Antigua, and they’re kinda pointless. Karla wants me to talk more, but I don’t feel like I’m learning anything I can drop into conversation, and I’m not learning how to ask questions either.

Robin and Edgar went to the mechanics to pick up Edgar’s car, so Karla and I went to Café Welchez by ourselves. I met two other students of Karla’s: Jimmy and William, who are from the Deep South. William is even a hunter by profession. They’re nice guys though, and invited me to Tunkul’s Bar later for drinks.

Robin needed a coffee after school so we went back to Café Welchez, and some guy who is related to the family Robin is staying with paid for our drinks before he left. Robin and I went to Tunkul’s later and hung out with Jimmy, William and a few others for a couple of hours. I think we needed it: both feeling a bit down! And Jimmy paid for our drinks there, so I didn’t pay for much today!

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