Short day at the office. Got up the mountain to find my very big trench being filled in and another being dug next to it, to get around the huge boulder. We still managed to finish it quickly, and Oscar let us leave early, but we had to wait ages for a pickup.

Kike took Adam (another volunteer), Robin and I to the Enchanted Wings Butterfly House & Nature Centre today. We traveled on paved roads. I didn’t think they existed in this town: it’s all been cobbles and dirt tracks so far. There were some beautiful butterflies in frames, but the live ones were mostly uninteresting. Lots of Owl Eye butterflies. The Orchid House was a bit rubbish: over 100 species of orchid and three were in bloom. The best part was on the way out, when I spotted a Frangipani Plant.

It was Adam’s last day in Copan so he invited us to Café ViaVia for drinks. We left at about 10pm – getting tired from all this digging!

Frangipani Plant

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