Woke up at 5:45am, like I do every morning and lay in bed until 6:15am. My hands have a habit of seizing up while I’m asleep and I use this time to try to stretch them back into their proper position. Fucking hurts. My muscles are getting used to the work after five days, and the skin on my hands is starting to toughen, but I hate having to stretch my hands!

We started work on House #4 today. We have two concrete walls to get underneath. Guillermo showed up after an hour or so and told us the trench in House #2 needed to be deeper and then he’d show us how to put the pipes in. So we dug deeper, we watched, and then we covered it all back up.

The lady of the house made us a cup of coffee straight from the harvest. It was kinda nutty, but certainly the best cup of black coffee I’ve had here.

We went back to House #4 and got another hour of digging in. The ground isn’t too bad so far: not filled with rocks like the other three houses we’ve done. And the walls aren’t very deep: Keith’s already got underneath one of them.

Nothing to do this afternoon, so watched A Time to Kill dubbed in Spanish whilst reading it English, and then went to some café and had a yummy Piña Liquado con Leche. Robin and I went to Tunkul’s, which was dead cuz of some Peace Corps party which was warming up in ViaVia. So we went there for one but weren’t really up for a big night out. Watched The Day After Tomorrow when I got home. Awesome film.

Cafe ViaVia and Tunkul’s

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