The bugs are quite literally feasting on me. They’re taking chunks out of my arms. Or at least I am cuz the bites itch so much! Don’t know if it’s the ants in my room, or if there’s something up in Sesesmil, but it’s really frustrating!

Robin’s last day of work. We were supposed to go on a hike today up to the water source, but the guy never showed up, so we carried on with our biggest trench yet. Finished it, but couldn’t be bothered going to find the next house with only a little time left, so we went home early.

The pickup we rode back in bought five bags of oranges from one of the locals for 100 Lempiras. That’s about £3.50 for what looked like about 250 oranges. That’s 10 pickup rides into Copan. Or 5 café lattes in Café Welchez. On Tuesday, we were talking about how these people weren’t the poorest people in the world: they had homes made from breezeblocks, some had concrete flooring, and they generally looked healthy. They must really rely on the food they grow themselves. And I’d hate to have to save up for something – even clothes – if I lived there.

Saw Jimmy in Café Welchez and organized going to Gracias tomorrow morning with him, Lauren and Lycette. Attempted to organize my travel plans today but didn’t get very far. Then watched some of the news when I got home and La Ceiba is flooded. Yey!

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