Work started off well this morning. It rained in the mountains last night, our trench filled up with water, so we had to leave a wall and start lower down, in the easiest digging ground I’ve found. Barely had to use my pickaxe! Then I finished that and had to move onto the waterlogged, rocky part. Rubbish.

I visited the museum in the afternoon, all about Mayan history and culture shockingly, and has some replicas and some of the real stuff from the ruins. I was pleasantly surprised by how much of the Spanish I understood from the explanations. And helpfully, there were English translations next to some of them.

Went to Cafe Welchez. Finished my book, Matchstick Men. Which reminds me – yesterday, for the second time this holiday, the film adaptation of a book I was reading came on the TV. Don’t think there’s any chance of Robinson Crusoe or my new Tom Clancy book coming on though.

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