Photo from the newspaper, showing the damage caused by the heavy rains from the hurricane

So after updating my blog on Thursday night, I get back to the house to find out that Kike is having a birthday party at the school and wants me to go. Apparently he’s 18 this year (he’s got a daughter who’s about seven, so I doubt it very much!).

I left Copan on the 6am bus to San Pedro Sula, which would take about 3 hours, and then I’d get a bus to La Ceiba at 10am. So we reach San Pedro and are told that mudslides due to the heavy rain have made the road impassable, but they might be cleared by the afternoon. So I hung out with four Canadian and two Swedish guys who were also trying to get to La Ceiba. Glad they were there cuz San Pedro ain’t a nice place, and it’s got a reputation for being a very dangerous place after dark.

We got some breakfast then went back to the bus terminal. They were now saying that we’d have to wait until tomorrow to get a bus. So the guys decided to get a hotel, but I didn’t want to waste a day there, especially if they then decided we couldn’t get there on Friday either. So I bought a ticket back to Copan, and planned to go back to Antigua on Friday.

I was back by 5pm and went to see Kike to ask him to book my shuttle ticket for Friday. He said he’s been watching the floods on TV and wondered if I was ok. Went to email the hostel I was going to in La Ceiba, and found that she’s emailed me to say that two bridges had been taken out and the airport was closed. So I’m very glad I turned around!

Went for some supper and later fell asleep listening to my music, in amongst all my bags on my bed.

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