Woke up at 4am this morning for absolutely no reason. There were no noises outside, I didn’t go to bed stupidly early, and I wasn’t happy.

Decided to be cultural today and went to museums today. I started with Museo de Santiago, which was about the history of Guatemala, the conquering by the Spaniards, and also had a weapons room. I then tried to go the Museo de Arte Colonial, but no one has change in this place, and I only had 100Q notes.

So I went to Cafe Sky for lunch. The cafe is good, but isn’t anything special as far as food goes. But it has a roof-top terrace with great views of the volcanoes, the cross on the hill, and most of Antigua.

After paying for lunch, I now enough change to go to the Colonial Art museum. Probably because Holy Week is such a big deal in Antigua, they’re very into art concerning Christ and the cross. There were some huge paintings of various stages, with Pontius Pilot, and people helping him carry the cross. There were lots of paintings and statues of saints and biblical figures in various states of disrepair. And there were some modern paintings done by local artists, which, if I had more money, I probably would’ve bought one or two.

I spent ages in a bank changing travellers cheques, again into 100Q notes, which again, no one wants. Bumped into Rachel, Brian, Nate, Angus and Maria (Antigua volunteers) at Sin Ventura coffee shop and chatted to them for a while. Then I went to the cinema to watch Crash. Not really what I was expecting – a few too many characters to keep track of and really feel for.

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