After taking my laundry over to the laundrette, I went to Dona Luisa for breakfast. I wanted pancakes, but also some fruit. So I ordered a bowl of fruit, granola and yoghurt, and also pancakes. If I’d have known the bowl of fruit would be the size of a goldfish bowl, I may have thought twice.

Bought some more souvenirs and got a couple of pairs of sunglasses from the market, since I lost mine somewhere in the mangroves of Monterrico. Started packing up my rucksack – half full and I only have souvenirs in so far.

Sat in Parque Central reading for about an hour and half, then went to pick up my laundry. The girl remembered my name – I love that place! I went to Bagel Barn to have lunch and watch all but the first 20 minutes of Lost in Translation. Really good film, and I can empathise with being alone in a foreign country!

Met Rachel at 5.30pm and we went to watch Star Wars. Got slightly worried when the writing (at the beginning of every Star Wars film) was in Spanish. Luckily, the film was in English though. As much as I love Star Wars and that film, the only thing I think about when I’m watching Episode 3, is how sexy Hayden Christensen is.

Went to Cafe La Escudilla for supper afterwards. Was kinda annoyed cuz no one asked if I wanted dessert, and then after I’d asked for a menu, no one came to take my order. Fairly certain someone tried to steal my camera out of my bag too.

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