Kinda bummed cuz I woke up at 6.45am and missed sunrise. I left my curtains open and thought the light would wake me first, but alas, I just missed it. So kayaking, swimming and hiking today. Got all my stuff ready before meeting Welber, Liz, Carly and Isabella for breakfast. I had Huevos Rancheros – fried eggs on tortillas, with salsa and frijoles. Not pancakes I hear you cry. Saving them for tomorrow.

So we got in our kayaks at 9.45am. In Monterrico I had a straight paddle, but now I had a paddle with the ends facing different ways. Took a bit of getting used to – almost capsized myself straight away. The water in the lake is pretty active – aside from the natural waves from the wind and rocks, there’s also the waves from the boats! Much harder work than Monterrico.

We stopped after about an hour and a half, pulled our kayaks up onto the rocks, and went for a swim. Very cold and constricting at first. Me being the rubbish swimmer that I am, didn’t feel too comfortable and didn’t swim too far out. Welber, Carly and Liz however, were swimming out far and jumping off rocks and having loads of fun!

We got back into our kayaks for the last five minutes to San Marcos, and a guy from our hotel brought our bags and boots, and took our kayaks back. We then walked from the dock up onto the mountainside, and followed a road and then a trail back to La Casa del Mundo. We had to cross a few landslides, and saw people trying to clear the river beds. We also crossed through maize and coffee plants on very steep mountainsides – no idea how they reach them without plunging to their death. It was quite easy, aside from one long, steep part. Took about two hours, and there were lots of stunning views, so sorry, yet more photos of volcanoes and the lake!

We had lunch when we got back. I’ve found the daddy of all liquados – strawberry, pineapple and banana. It was so good, I had to have two. Wasn’t overly impressed with hummus sandwich tho. Spent the rest of the afternoon chilling by the lakeside.

We all had supper together again, but there was a slightly different crowd. The five of us were all pretty knackered so went to bed soon after. I had a coffee so I could stay awake and read for a while, but still fell asleep reading around 9pm.

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