Last full day in Antigua. Feels a bit strange. Glad I’ll be home soon though, as much fun as I’ve had these past couple of weeks.

My legs ache. A lot. I have to grab onto something whenever I sit down or stand up. But considering I thought I’d be dead by now, I’m doing well.

Dropped of my laundry and had my last Panqueques de Andres in Cafe Condesa. Got about 50 pages of Robinson Crusoe left. A leisurely day I think. Updated my blog and checked out of Sin Ventura just in time. Walked all my stuff over to Hotel San Jorge and dumped it there. Had lunch in Cafe No Se and then went to Cafe Sky for a drink. The waiter kept saying “K, Chica” after I ordered and after asking if everything was OK. I like it.

Picked up my laundry, went to Sin Ventura for a coffee and a flick through a very old US Cosmo. A boy walked up to me asking for a quetzal, and thought Christmas had come early when I gave him five. Dropped off my bag of clothes to be donated at Outfitters before walking to Dom and Doreen’s for the BBQ.

Met all the new volunteers and caught up with those who’ve been there since I arrived. Really good crowd there at the moment, and bigger than I expected – a lot of them will be spending Christmas over in Guatemala.

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