So I guess the best place to start is the airport. We get there at around 1pm, and it doesn’t say anything about checking in next to my flight. So we try the self-check in which says my ticket isn’t ready (?!). So we have a coffee and wait. Then the screens say ‘go to self-check in’, which is obviously useless. What it doesn’t tell you is that if that doesn’t work, you can check in at any desk. Ta.

So after queuing for a bit, I get checked in. Me and mum go for a wander, buy some earphones, and then head back for me to go through security. I take out my Vaseline and put it in a clear plastic bag (don’t know how this would help if it really was explosives though). I go through the barrier and my bag goes through the x-ray machine. But they want to search it too. No problem, nothing to hide. So I get through no problem.

Got bored in the departure lounge waiting for my gate number to appear. Sat for a bit, got a coffee, sat again, wandered around the duty free looking at expensive sunglasses, sat a bit more. Gate number finally appears and off I go. To the smallest plane in the airport. I want to say smallest plane in the world, but it wasn’t quite. Rows of two seats on one side, rows of one seat on the other. Two ‘flight attendants’. But, it was incredibly comfortable with a nice take-off and landing.

So we arrive in Frankfurt at 7pm. I already checked in for this flight back in Manchester, so I have 4 hours of waiting. I have no Euros to spend. Half the places are closed anyway. The only shop thats open smells weird (German food!). So I sit and listen to music for nearly four hours. Wander around the lounge a couple of times. And thats about it.

When we finally get through, I get my hand luggage searched again. Don’t know if I look like a terrorist or a drug smuggler, but I don’t have much luck with these guys.

The flight to Singapore was fine, except that I hate long haul flights through the night. I can never get comfortable enough to sleep!

Listening to: PJ Harvey – Uh Huh Her

Watching: The Departed

Feeling: Excited! Tried not to think about the goodbyes and that 8 months is actually a really long time!

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