The flight to Melbourne was pretty rubbish. The entertainment system wasn’t working, so we were limited to watching The Scoop with no sound, listening to one of three radio channels, playing the games, or watching the flight map. I was kinda rubbish at the games, so mostly read, watched the map, and chatted to the lady next to me. The food was kinda crap too.

Then we arrive in Australia at 6.30am. One of the questions on the immigration card is something like “are you carrying any soil, or anything with soil on?” Erm…My boots (that I was wearing) still had mud from Honduras and Guatemala on. I said “no”. And no-one stopped me, thankfully.

So I get into the arrivals lounge, and there’s a shuttle that can take me to my hostel. Great. Except it was the wrong hostel. However, the guy in the wrong hostel very kindly drove me to the right hostel. I couldn’t check in because it was still only 9am, but I sat in the common room for a while.

It’s a bit out of the way, but it’s cheap at least. No internet access though.

Get a key and a bed after 10am, and sleep. For the whole day. Don’t know why I’m so tired. Maybe its a lack of caffeine. Averaging around 3-4 cups of coffee a day when I’d usually have about 10.

The fun seems to have stopped. Feeling deflated. I know it’ll be different when I get out and see Melbourne, but lacklustre at present. Keep feeling like I’m ready to go home already. After one week! Of eight months!

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