If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, join our club! Going round and round and round in my head for no reason.

I get lots of thinking time in the morning at the moment. I wake up around 7am but don’t want to disturb anyone in the room, so I lay awake til around 8.30am. I’m considering changing my flights. I’m bored. I thought I was made for travelling, but turns out, all this relaxing just isn’t me. I’m filled with dread at the idea of being in North America for twelve weeks, alone, relaxing. Of course it doesn’t help that I have little money, but I knew that anyway. So I think I might stay working in New Zealand until the end of July, then have my week in Tahiti, then get to New York by August, and have five weeks by myself before Cameron and Alex join me for our two week road trip. At least that way I’ll be doing something, rather than just relaxing.

So I eventually went into town around 12ish. I went to the NGV International to check out the Manga exhibition. Except, what they don’t tell you is that you have to pay for that. So I wandered around the rest of the gallery/museum instead. Took a good few hours. Did you know Nike was the Greek ( I think) goddess of winning (or glory, or something to that effect)? Apparently trainers are now art too. Huge display of about 200 pairs of different designs. Some of them were cool, but most were just, well, trainers.

Then I walked past the Arts Centre and Hamer Hall to Southgate. This is the Southbank shopping and restaurant complex. Not overly exciting. A few nice gift shops, but looked like pricey stuff. Lots of ‘Australian art’ and vases and stuff. So I walked through there and then along Southbank Promenade as far as the casino, crossed a bridge with lots of sculptures on to the north bank, walked back the way I’d come, crossed another bridge back to Southbank, then crossed Princes Bridge (the main one) back to the north. I finally ended up in Federation Square watching some tennis on the big screen.

I got back to the hostel around 6pm and watched tennis on the regular-sized TV. Later I went out to watch the sunset again, but just sat on the beach reading and waiting for it, rather than walking again.

Reading: Single White E-Mail.

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  1. Don’t get down and bored – just think of us here in cold, wet Wales! Changing flights sounds like an idea worth thinking about because at least youcan make some money in NZ. Your blog’s good though – keep it coming.

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