So, last day in Melbourne. Checked out of the hostel at 10am, but still had some milk and juice to use up, so ended up sticking around watching TV until about 11.30am. I got the tram up to Bourke Street (couple of stops further than Federation Square, my usual stop), to then change to another to get to the station. However, I started walking in the opposite direction to the nearest tram stop, and ended up walking a whole block with my heavy rucksack. It’s so heavy now that I almost completely lose my balance when I’m trying to get in on my back.

So, eventually get to the station and manage – after much struggling – to push my rucksack into one of the lockers. Very glad to see the back of it for a few hours. walked back up Bourke Street because I noticed some of the shops looked nice. Ended up buying a new pair of sunglasses since the frame of my green ones broke a few days ago. Then I got a smoothie from “Boost” – it’s like the Starbucks of the juice/smoothie generation.

Then I wandered around Birrarung Marr, the city’s newest park area. Not that impressive, but at least it’s green space. Got photos of the Federation Bells, Rod Laver Arena and cricket ground. Sat by the river for a while. Then walked back up to Federation Square and got a coffee. Still four hours to go until I was leaving.

I wanted to go to the Melbourne Observation Deck at Rialto Towers today. 360 degree views of the city, all the way to the sea, the Dandenongs, and around. But it’s cloudy, so I won’t waste my money. So I wandered around the shops for a bit, then went on the internet. I really will miss this internet cafe. Great coffee and muffins, souvenirs, and of course, internet. “Cafe on Flinders”, right near the main entrance to Flinders Street Station, if any of you go to Melbourne.

Got back to Southern Cross Station around 7pm, and rearranged my rucksack for a bit, to try and make it more comfortable. Amazing what a bit of tweaking with the straps can do! Then the coach left just after 8pm.

So, relatively uneventful coach trip. Twelve hours on a plane gets you from Frankfurt to Singapore, but twelve hours on a coach gets you from Melbourne to Sydney. They showed a couple of films. “Bringing Down the House”, with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah, and “The Shawshank Redemption”. The first was OK I suppose. Comedy about racial differences. A few funny moments. Steve Martin and Eugene Levy saved it. Obviously loved Shawshank. Cried when Brooks died though, as always!

Listening to: Take That – Greatest Hits

Watching: Bringing Down The House, The Shawshank Redemption

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