“Are you a tourist?”
“I can tell cuz you’re smiling – no-one smiles around here.”

Conversation with a Scottish tourist

Must be that weird smile I don’t know I’m doing, like when I’m counting cutlery!

I was hoping to go to the beach today, but the weather was rubbish, so instead I went to Taronga Zoo, on the north shore. It’s about 10mins by ferry, and you can buy a ticket which gets you there and back, into the zoo, and includes your skyride up.

I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for on the way over. Children. Everywhere. Stepping on your feet. Climbing on stuff right in front of you. Bloody kids. Luckily, they seemed to disappear once I got there.

I had a really good time. There was loads to see. I even went in the reptile house alone and didn’t run out screaming. Although I did start to feel quite ill after a while and was glad I was near the end. There were koalas, kangaroos, giraffes, zebras, elephants, chimpanzees, a rhino, tigers, lions, a red panda, meerkats, a platypus, wombats, gorillas, bears, dingoes, a tasmanian devil, Himalayan goats, weird-looking sheep, emus, ostriches, a giant tortoise, taipurs, otters, river cats, and loads of birds and ducks. I got about 3ft away from a wallaby, but some other people came along and scared him off. I watched the free-flight bird show, which was really good. Very well trained birds, and made me sorry I missed the other shows, like the sealions. The only problems were that it was a little difficult to navigate around, and the snow leopards weren’t visible, and I really wanted to see them.

The skyride up and down was good. Great view of Circular Quay and the Harbour Bridge, and you travel over a lot of the enclosures, so you’re looking down on the elephants and giraffes and stuff.

I had supper when I got back to the hostel, then went up the road to the convenience store where they have unlimited internet for $3. I was there for a couple of hours, updating my blog and booking tours. I also had to move all my photos onto my USB pen – 470 photos and 7 videos already!

I walked back to the hostel (about 300 yards away) at around 11pm. Kings Cross is not the place to be walking around at night by yourself. Personally, I was more bothered on my way up at 9pm. But then my key for the front door of the hostel didn’t seem to work. I was so scared! I couldn’t get in and there was no intercom or doorbell. I thought I’d have to phone, but then realised it wouldn’t do any good because there was no-one at reception anyway. Very scared. But then a girl staying there too walked past, and showed me the trick to it. I was so very grateful!

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