Manly Wharf

Today is my 18th day away from home. Feels longer.

So today, the weather still wasn’t great, but I’d decided I was going to Manly this afternoon no matter what. I started the day by going to the used bookshop up the road and buying two books. I then took a wander through the main strip of Kings Cross (I’m actually on the outskirts). This is the seedy suburb by the way. So I wandered up Darlinghurst Road, past the train station, and then all the hostels and tour booking companies, mixed in with strip clubs and sex shops. And I walked into the Golden Arches for a milkshake. You can always count on McDonalds to be everywhere can’t you?

Then I went up to El Alamein Fountain which is pretty cool. It’s in the shape of a dandelion seed head. Then I wandered down a couple of streets to get to Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. This is a Sydney Institution. It’s a pie shop that’s by Finger Wharf and has been there since 1945. I got a pie and coffee, and then remembered I had also planned to go to the Art Gallery and Botanic Gardens before Manly. So I got going.

Whizzed around the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Managed to see most of the free exhibits. Walked directly through the Botanic Gardens – they’ll have to wait until another day- and straight up to Mrs Macquarie’s Point. I took a couple of photos of the city en route, but the point is supposed to be the best place for photos. I got half way through my panorama and my camera batteries died.

Anyway, while I was out there I noticed the weather was improving, so I quickly walked over to Circular Quay and got the next ferry to Manly. Manly is about 7 miles from Sydney and takes 30 minutes on the regular ferry, which is perfectly fine, but you really feel the waves when you reach the ocean inlet.

Manly Wharf is on the sheltered, river side; and it’s main beach is on the ocean side. When we reached Manly, I went to Tourist Info and “Boost” for a juice and stamp in my loyalty card. Then I walked to the beach, which takes about five minutes. I enjoyed a couple of hours on the beach, reading my book, until I started getting pestered. So, what is it about me that says “Freaks, please come talk to me!”. Surely it’s not asking too much to just be left alone?!

I was going to walk along the Scenic Walkway, but feared I might end up with some unwanted company, so I made my excuses and headed back to the wharf. I got a coffee and muffin,and bought a ticket for the JetCat ferry – only takes 15 minutes. Then I paddled around on the beach next the the wharf, and got the 6:15pm JetCat.

When I got back to Circular Quay, I walked up to the Opera House for some photos since it was such good weather. Then I got an ice cream and milkshake, and sat and read for quite a while. I left the quay just as a big cruise ship was leaving. It was still reversing as I left, and didn’t look like it had much room to turn around.

Listening to: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to Tell

Reading: Ian Rankin – Fleshmarket Close (I haven’t finished Paulo Coelho, I just forgot to take it to the beach today)

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