I checked out of the hostel at 9am, walked to the coach station with all my luggage (I’m so tough!), and then headed over to Coffee Club for the same yummy breakfast as yesterday. I managed to waste some time there, and got back to the coach station by 11am.

At 12noon, I started my mammoth 27-hour coach trip up to Mission Beach. Not too much to tell of the trip really. Passed through some nice looking places and boring looking places. A lot of middle-of-nowhere. Watched a couple of films. “Step Up”, yet another rubbish teen movie about dance bringing together people from different sides of the track. And “Two Weeks Notice” with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. I never really understood the idea of this film except that it was a rom-com. It was as though they’d edited too much out so the film finished before it really got started.

There was some great thunder and lightning before we reached Rockhampton. And then a little later, the sky was totally clear above us and you could see loads of stars, but you still see the lightning over to the west.

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