Scotty’s has a small shop to buy food and drinks from, so I got coffee and cereal for breakfast after waking up. I chatted to Clare, a Scottich girl who was checking out today, but had a few hours waiting in Scotty’s. She came here just to skydive. Apparently this is one of the best skydiving locations in Australia if not the world.

Around 11am I chatted to Emma, who works here, about what I could do while I’m here. She suggested a few ideas which sounded good – lots of nature stuff. I asked about skydiving. She phoned to find out if there would be room on the next trip. They should’ve picked us up at 11.30am but they were running late, so by 12.15pm we were on our way to an airfield. Me and three Swedish people were about to (almost) voluntarily throw ourselves out of a plane.

You can photos and a DVD, so I opted for a third cameraman. I was jumping with Rob and Corey was filming it. You get a crash course in the airfield about what you have to do, and this interview for the DVD (which is rubbish). Then you go up. In a tiny little plane, you climb to 14,000 ft. The views were amazing because it was so clear. We could see the beach (where we were landing), the river, the rainforest, and the sea all the way to the Outer Barrier Reef.

The worst part is watching other people leave the plane first. One second they’re in the doorway, next they’ve disappeared. You don’t really have time to think about it because you’re being scooted towards the door at the same time. And you’re busy trying to remember everything you’ve just been taught, so you don’t mess it up.

I was third out. Corey left first and was gripping the outside of the plane for us all to jump together. I had to sit with my feet tucked under and arms crossed, then Rob threw us out and I had to throw my arms and legs back, so I was in a big arch.

From 14,000 ft you do a 60 second free-fall. You plummet two miles towards the ground. It’s the longest 60 seconds ever! Then, Rob let the parachute out and we were drifting slowly through the sky. Corey kept going though so he get the shots of me landing. I wonder if he captured my “Oh my God” expression as he kept falling.

It was so beautiful. Floating from 4,000 ft down towards the beach. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and we could still see all the way to the reef. If only it was possible to stay up there all day. Rob did a few turns too so we could both north and south. And then we landed, right outside Scotty’s.

After I got back I spent the afternoon chatting to Clare until she left, paddling in the pool, and lounging beside it, reading. It’s so hot here that it’s not really a good idea to do much else! But later, when I got bored of that, I took a stroll along the beach, carefully looking out for any stingers I might stand on, but there were none. A few people were coming in to land from their skydive as I was sat there, but the sky had clouded over a lot by then. Then I had supper in Scotty’s bar out the front of the hostel. Then I went on the internet for a while. Read a bit more.

Couldn’t get to sleep for ages because most of the people staying were in the party mood.

So a long, lazy day in the sun, with a skydive in the middle.

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  1. Gee whiz girl, I wish I was a few years younger and was able to do that ,it must be an amazing feeling floating thro the air, nearest I can compare it with is a flight in a glider. Good for you!
    Nain xx

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