I got picked up outside the hostel around 8am for my rainforest trip today. And it is raining a fair bit too. The drive took us through World Heritage Rainforest and along World Heritage Coastline. We passed Ellis Beach, but didn’t stop so I couldn’t get a photo of the sign.

Our first stop was Port Douglas. We didn’t stop in town, but it is apparently a very expensive place, and you must be pretty rich to own a house there. We visited the Rainforest Habitat just outside. We saw cassowaries, lots of birds, all the ducks were out too, swimming in their little ponds. We also got to feed kangaroos and wallabies, and see crocodiles.

After that we headed up to Mossman Gorge and went for a walk through the rainforest. We also stopped by the river which we would’ve gone swimming in if the weather was better. After Mossman, we headed up to Daintree. We had a picnic lunch and someone Daintree-grown organic tea. Then we took a cruise down the Daintree River. We didn’t see any crocodiles, but we did see a tree snake, and the skipper/guide was pretty funny and informative.

Shane, our guide/bus driver took the bus across the driver on the ferry while we were on the cruise. There is no bridge to cross the river. So we got back in a drove up to Cape Tribulation. We only had about twenty minutes free time when we got up there, but that was enough to walk to the beach and back.

It’s great up there – you’re surrounded by rainforest. The local politician used to be a green activist. There are hardly any roads, and they become quite impassable in bad weather. And all electric, water and sewerage is your own responsibility if you choose to live up there. So you’ve got to really want it!

On the return journey, we saw six wild cassowaries, taking their time crossing the roads. There was a dad and a baby, and a dad and three small babies. The mothers have nothing to do with them after laying eggs – it’s the dads who incubate them and raise them.

I got back to the hostel by 7pm, showered and changed, and went to The Woolshed for my dinner. I put up with the queue tonight. On the way back I got a milkshake from the New Zealand ice cream place, and had a look around the night market.

It’s been a very wet day, and I’m very tired.

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