So, my last day in Cairns. As I’m leaving so early tomorrow, I got my key deposit back, and they phoned me a taxi for 4am. Yippee. I had breakfast at a Turkish street cafe – hummus, falafel, toast, and salad. Then I went to a different internet place and managed to charge my Zen, so stayed for a while. I downloaded my IRD number form so I can work in NZ, replied to Plateau Lodge accepting the job, and did some research into mine and Dad’s Rockies trip next year.

After that I wandered back down to the Esplanade. I got a coffee and then wandered over to the Marina and around the park area. I got an ice cream, and as I was walking along the boardwalk back to the hostel, someone was calling my name. It was Yvonne, who I spent four days having coffee and breakfast with in Scotty’s.

So Yvonne, Dave and I sat on the boardwalk chatting and watching the life in the mudflats. Quite a few birds, and those fish that look like lizards. Quite some time later, they made their way to their apartment for supper, and I made my way back to the hostel.

I packed most of my stuff up. Had to do a few unpack and re-packs until I was totally happy with it. It was raining, so I decided to shower now rather than later tonight. It was still raining when I got out, so I just had to wear a hat and my fleece and put up with it.

My ankles have been quite swollen for a few days – not good before I’m about to get on a plane, so I decided to have a Chinese leg and foot massage in the night market. The guy doing my massage my Korean and a Man Utd supporter. I don’t recommend Chinese massages. I don’t care how much good they might do, they’re bloody painful!

After that I had pancakes for supper (yum) at Coffee Club, and sat there reading for a while, waiting for a break in the rain.

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