I didn’t start my day until around 12noon. I’m still on Oz-time, three hours behind. I went to a coffee shop on High Street which was much cheaper than Starbucks, although High Street seems to be mostly designer shops. Then I went to Whitcoull’s, the big bookshop, and got myself some half price books.

After that I wandered over to Sky City, home of Auckland tourist information, Sky Tower, restaurants, casinos and hotels. I went to tourist information and then got a coffee and muffin. Then I walked to Princes Wharf, visited the NZ tourist information, and got some photos of the harbour bridge and piers. I got another coffee at Esquires, even more expensive than Starbucks, then took The Link bus up to Parnell.

I walked up Parnell Road, which is lined with little boutiques and cafes. Auckland city centre isn’t that pleasant to be honest, but this is a very attractive suburb. Expensive too I imagine. From Parnell Road I went to Auckland Domain, a huge green area, and home to Auckland Museum. By now it was about 4.30pm though, so I wasn’t going to bother with the museum. Got lots of great photos of flowers and the ducks and geese in the duck ponds.

From there I walked through the university city campus. Saw the Archaeology building, where I assume Kris will be based. Then I reached Albert Park, between the university and city centre. As I sat there I realised the clouds were clearing, so maybe it would be a good time to go up Sky Tower. So I dropped my bag of books and tourist information off at the hostel, changed and headed over to Sky Tower.

They were good views from up there, spoiled only by people’s dirty hand prints on the glass. Unlike Sydney, Auckland doesn’t have that many really tall buildings, so landmarks don’t get hidden as easily. I could see Devonport, Rangitoto, Mt Eden, One Tree Hill, and lots more I can’t name! And they have glass floor panels, which can be a little disconcerting!

After coming back to the hostel, I headed out to the nearest internet for a couple of hours, looking up cars, banks, and Lord of the Rings tours.

I spent the first half of the afternoon feeling a bit crap because Auckland ain’t that exciting. But then, after going to Parnell and the Domain, I felt much better. Then, I went to the internet, saw I’d spent over 1600 quid in Oz, and felt crap again. I’m thinking I will have to get a second job here, and maybe even cut my time in US and Canada even further.

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