Today didn’t start as early as I’d planned, due to me being lazy. But then finding out I’d been robbed made it even later. Over $150 was taken from my purse, in my bag, in my room; while I was in the bathroom. The CCTV is in the hallway, and too many people were coming and going to have a suspect. The police station is across the road, so I went over and filed a police report, but don’t know if my insurance covers cash (later found out it doens’t).

So after withdrawing more cash I got a coffee and muffin in Starbucks, while I tried to put some perspective on it. I’ve still got my camera, Zen, phone, credit cards and passport. All the really important stuff. I feel kinda pathetic for crying about this, but it’s still my hard-earned money. And it’s still some dickhead profiting from my lax security/trust in people. And to take the coins too. How petty?! But I’m glad they did, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed so soon. It’s just not a nice thing to happen anyway, and even worse when you realise the night before how little moeny you’ve got. I want to be angry about it, really angry. But instead I’m upset, and that’s annoying me.

Decided to carry on my day, and try to get some sightseeing done, albeit a few hours late. I got a bus over to Mt Eden around 1pm and walked to the top. They really are great views from up there. There is a 50metre volcanic cone right next to the summit, and some guy was running straight up it. Collapsed, out of breath near the top though! My camera batteries died while I was trying to get panoramas, so I may have to go back.

I bought some disposable batteries and waited for the bus back into town. Plenty were going out of town, but they all seemed to get lost on their way back. I waited for about forty minutes. Decided I didn’t have enough time to get over to the aquarium, so I took the ferry over to Devonport instead, to walk up Mt Victoria.

There were good views from up there too, hence why it used to be a fort. On my way back down, I got an early supper in one of the many cafes. Devonport is another pleasant suburb, but doesn’t look like there’s much to do except browse through a few shops and stop at the street cafes.

I got the ferry back to the city, then walked to the hostel. Found out a guy in my dorm had his iPod stolen a few days ago. I’m going to speak to him to see if he told the staff and filed a police report – maybe the same person as stole my money?

After that I sat on the roof terrace, writing my diary and chatting to some girl. Then back to the internet, to copy photos to a CD and update the blog.


  1. Your title for today says it all but just content yourself that you’ll never sink that low. Check your emails when you get a chance.

  2. Don’t let it get you down. It will come back on them. Like you say, at least they only took your money – can you imagine if it had been your passport. I guess it’s a good lesson to learn early on in your travelling anyway – to lock your door when you go to the bathroom because unfortunately, you can’t trust all people. Chin up and carry on having a great time. I look at that picture 0of you sky diving when I’m inyour Mum’s office and you look so happy. Don’t let a scumbag ruin your day.

  3. Keep your chin up and carry on enjoying yourself,and I reiterate what the other two comments say,and I’d go even further and say put everything that matters in a waterproof bag and take them to the shower with you.Don’t let it get you down,they’ll suffer some day it always comes back.

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