There is a new guy in the dorm who woke up everyone with his snoring last night. In the end, two guys from the opposite end of the room got out of bed and rolled him into a different position to stop the noise. It was horrendous. So I warned the four new people about it earlier.

I’m about half way through my last day in Auckland. I was going to go to Rangitoto Island today, but the weather is crap. So instead I’ve looked around bookshops, had a couple of coffees, and spent a couple of hours on the internet.

My job starts in National Park Village on 5th March. I’m trying to organise a hostel and activities in and around Hamilton until then. Hobbiton is only an hour away, so hopefully I’ll visit there, and Cambridge, half an hour away, is the horse capital.

And if I can’t arrange that, I guess I’ll just show up early and chill for a few days. The village has a population of about 500, and is pretty isolated. There are loads of hiking routes nearby, so that should keep me fit. I’ve stocked up on puzzle books and novels, so they should keep me occupied. And I’ll have Sky TV too. There is internet access, but I’m going to try to cut down in an attempt to save money.

So with the rest of my day, I’ll phone some places to organise things for Hamilton, wash and straighten my hair, pack my bags, and probably read and have some more coffee. And not get any sleep because of the snoring guy.

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  1. What are you going to be doing in the National Park Village? At least if there’s only 500 residents chances are none will snore!

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