So another day off. Didn’t stay in bed too long today though. I had breakfast and watched the cricket – West Indies v Pakistan. I quite fancy the West Indies’ chances this year. I started drawing up a new diary from now until when my contract ends (6th May), but it’s a bit difficult, since I don’t know what days I’ll be working!

Finally got my IRD number, but for some reason it got posted to the UK, and Mum had to text it to me! Really crap weather at the moment – cold and wet. Cy had to light the fire today. So another day of reading, puzzles and TV. Watched Hotel Rwanda and cried all the way through. It’s incredibly disturbing that the world stood by and let that happen, and still does.

Later on I watched some of CSI:NY and ER (bit of a contrast from earlier!). I wanted to watch Hitch but the bad weather knocked Sky out, and we don’t have sound on Movies 1. I also discovered that cheese and marmite go quite well together.

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