My god did I feel those three glasses of wine and one Coruba (rum and coke) this morning! My head hurt so much! I tried nursing it with scrambled eggs on toast since that’s the closest I could get to a fry up. Didn’t work for long!

I had to clean the motel units today while Marion did the lodge. It only took until 11.30am, and I felt like shit the whole time! I sat in my room after finishing, hoping the feeling would subside. But it got worse, so I had some lunch instead, which made me feel better. Pasta and pesto. There’s a throwback to my teenage years! Rhianwen was also hanging around until her bus came, so I watched some TV and chatted to her a little.

My bus to Taupo arrived at 3pm, and I got to the Rainbow Lodge by 4.30pm. It’s a really nice hostel so I’ll probably stay here when I come back to Taupo on my return journey. And free percolated coffee!

I went to the supermarket and spent an extortionate amount on snacks. Chocolate bars, muffins, etc. I’m not even going to say how much! I don’t really need to buy any proper food since the petrol station in National Park stocks essentials, and I get fed in Schnapps too.

So I’m planning a quiet evening. I’ll probably be on the internet until 8.30pm when it closes, then I’ll read my new book and chill out. And then tomorrow I’ll go to the bank and sort my account out, and my bus back is at 11am.


  1. Dear Francesca,
    You would love the raffle prize that Gwyn won yesterday. A treasure chest for chocoholics!! packed with everything chocolate, biscuits, quality street, posh chocolates, drinking chocolate, cocoa etc etc. I made him take it to work today before we made ourselves ill.
    Can’t compete on the wine though, half a glass with lunch yesterday and I had a headache. Must be age!
    Liz has reminded me all about Taupo and the falls so I know where you are now!!Love

  2. Don’t believe everything Nesta says – I think we all know she can manage more than half a glass!
    Seems like copious amounts of food is the hangover solution then?!
    Next time you get scared half to death when vacuuming just remind him you can do some damage with the suction end of the vacuum.

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