Wednesday. Day off. Planned US trip stuff, booked my flight from Seattle to NYC on 3rd Sept. Worked in Schnapps in the evening. Not a lot to do. Got back to the lodge and watched Miss Congeniality 2 with Freddy.

Thursday. Big day today. After cleaning the lodge, the second two motel units needed cleaning ready to be used, since they only had an initial clean the other day. I was supposed to go to Ohakune with Dhruv tonight, but cancelled because of my long day of work. Can’t say I was overly bothered – I’d been looking for an excuse to get out of it! So I had a leisurely evening of internet, TV and straightening my hair.

Friday. Easter weekend. Very busy, so Cy made the beds and I just did the cleaning. Finished by 2pm, then went over to the Easter sale at the ski shop. They’re going to do me a deal on a five-day rental since I’ll be working in the village. Back in the lodge I had the misfortune to be walking down the corridor while one couple were having loud sex. Wondered if maybe I should tell them the rooms weren’t soundproof! In Schnapps by 6pm. NZ law says you can’t drink on public holidays unless you’re dining too, so we got to close the bar at 9.15pm, right after the kitchen closed. Yippee! Staff still stuck around until 11.30pm though. And the joke now is that I’ve applied for citizenship!

Saturday. Took a little longer than yesterday. Also discovered that the couple having loud sex were both girls. Unfortunately, today wasn’t a public holiday, so work was really busy all night. There was a crowd in from Auckland who were good fun and stuck around til last orders. We had a few drinks after work, and ended up walking home at 2am. Fairly certain the Indian family who arrived today stole some of my teabags, so I put a big “FRAN” label on my shelf in the kitchen.

Sunday. Worked until 4pm today. Would’ve been less but for the twats who left me all their washing up. That put me in a stink of a mood. Then the family who were going into that unit were told they could just put their luggage in until I was finished. They translated this as ‘please use the bathroom, kitchen and living room, and Fran can work around all seven of you’. I had to ask them to leave until I was finished. To put me in a good mood, there was a photo in the paper of a Bichon Frise who got a buzz cut for charity, and then I watched Harry Potter 4 and CSI in the evening.

Monday. Easter weekend ends! Just about every room needed cleaning, but Freddy was vacuuming and making beds today. The family from yesterday left me a horrific mess to clear up. I’ve had more fun clearing up sick! I was in Schnapps in the evening, which was quite busy, but everyone left by 9.15pm and we were all closed up by 10pm. Staff had drinks after that. Lots of drinks. Stupid drinks. Don’t remember much after making my choice of shots, except trying to beat up Spud (my boss) and failing miserably! Don’t remember getting home either.

Tuesday. There was some half-eaten toast in the kitchen this morning. Same type of bread as I eat. Don’t remember making toast when I got in last night! Luckily I had a quiet day today, since I was really feeling the alcohol! Did my washing and went on the internet, then in Schnapps in the evening. Busy, but finished by 10pm. Still stuck around until 12.30am, which I regretted because it started raining and all my washing got wet.

Wednesday. Lazy day. Put my washing back on the line, but it rained all day on and off so it still wasn’t dry. Surfaced around 1.30pm, after watching most of Alexander. More travel planning – East Coast USA. Schnapps was crap. Low morale and slow service. Spud and Ray were both off, and I get the feeling we need either one or both there to keep us up.

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