Wednesday. Lazy day off – slept in until 10am, surfaced around noon, watched Patriot Games and had lunch. Sat with Freddy and watched the rain pour down (and boy, did it pour). She left at 2.15pm, to catch the bus to Wellington and then move on to the South Island. We are hoping to catch up in Christchurch at the beginning of June, and hopefully go to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Went to work in the evening, but not much to do so I signed off at 7.30pm, and instead spent my evening watching CSI:NY, ER and Kept.

Thursday. Didn’t have to clean in the lodge at all today since I’m the only one there, so I started on the last two motel units that have been upgraded. Worked until about 2.30pm, and spent the afternoon reading LOTR. There was a crowd in from the mountain in Schnapps, getting merry. Spud kicked them out around 10pm. Later found out that they drove (bad enough in itself) and one was car surfing and fell off! To make matters worse, no-one in the car realised she’d fallen off, and she was found by someone else later!

Friday. I took a whole hour for lunch today, and I was still finished cleaning by 1.30pm. So I read lots of LOTR today! Chatted to Ange and Zeus in the afternoon. Ange hasn’t been in work for ages cuz she’s had pneumonia. Recovered now though, and back to work next week. Not many customers in Schnapps, so plenty of cleaning jobs getting done. I finished last, around 11pm, and stuck around for cake. Chatted to Spud’s mate Steelo for a while. He thinks I’m brave for travelling alone, and reckons I would’ve hated Camp America. And he called his uncle in Wellington who I’m going to now meet next week. Jonny and Tony had a game of pool and I was the prize. A step up from the game previous, where the loser got a shot of Chartreuse.

Saturday. A whole half hour of work today. One en-suite room, who literally slept and showered, and used no other facilities. I spent the rest of the morning watching Enemy of the State, then had lunch, packed my rucksack, and read LOTR. New cleaner arrived today – Taiwanese girl. Very neat and very quiet. Not working tonight, so watched some rubbish high-school basketball film, where basketball is all the kids have keeping them off the streets and out of gangs (cliched, sentimental rubbish). Luckily, Star Wars Episode 3 was on after that. Yummy Hayden Christensen. Mmmm.

Sunday. Last day of work – hurray! Did a few hours too, but was finished by lunchtime, so ate and watched Sideways. Only worked until 8.15pm in the evening, but had a few drinks with Spud, Kyla, Craig and Becky.

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