I woke up really early, packed, and phoned Mum at 6.40am. After wishing her a Happy Birthday, I got the shuttle bus over to the ferry terminal. The driver liked me cuz I was the only one who figured out how to open the door, and I carried one of the cases out of the bus.

The ferry trip was fairly uneventful. I got some photos from the top deck as we were leaving Wellington but it was pretty cold so I stayed inside for most of the journey. I got breakfast and a couple of coffees, and read a fair bit. As we were coming into the Marlborough Sounds I headed out onto the deck again. My camera battery died so I didn’t get many photos, but I did get a couple of the cows in containers. And I’m not that weird: several others did too!

The Magic bus picked us up from outside the ferry terminal at Picton and we drove to Nelson. We passed through Marlborough and lots of vineyards – huge wine-producing area of the country! We stopped in a small DoC walking area outside Havelock, and were in Nelson by 3pm.

It started raining not long after we arrived, but I still wandered into town (in my waterproofs). Nelson has a really pretty town centre: tree-lined streets, wide pavements, and obviously well-planned. I got a coffee in Lambretta’s, then spent the evening reading and feeling sorry for myself because I still didn’t feel well.

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