My cold is getting worse, so I’m feeling sorry for myself.

Going to Queenstown today, but the bus doesn’t get here until 2.30pm, so we have to check out and leave our luggage in the TV room. After that, I went to yesterday’s first coffee shop and had a chai tea latte. It was really tasty – I definitely recommend it.

Still feeling crappy, so went back to the hostel and spent the rest of the day eating and watching films (again). “The Island” and “Kinky Boots”.

The bus arrived before Kinky Boots finished, and off we went to Queenstown. I read and slept for most of the journey, but I did notice how blue the Kawarau River was, and we saw some old shanty towns from when the gold rush was around here.

We stopped at the Kawarau Gorge Bungy site and watched one person throw themselves off. It’s by no means a big jump anymore, but it was the first commercial bungy site.

We got into Queenstown and to the hostel by 6pm. I’m in another studio apartment. It feels like being a student again for some reason, and I don’t much like it. I am with Dimitri though, another one from the Blue Ice Bar crowd. And later on, Dave walked past and spotted me. Turns out he, Steph, Anna and Nastasia are back here after a night in Milford Sound. And Dave found Shehan (Blue Ice again) too. We watched Steph’s bungy DVD and Shehan’s skydive DVD before going out. Steph did the big one: 130 metres, and was still high off the adrenaline days later! And Shehan got to do his freefall head first. I’m going to ask if I can do that when me and Kris get to Taupo! We didn’t stay out long: me and Steph were both ill. When we got back, we looked through Steph’s photos from her volunteering in Malawi because we met a girl who is on her way there.

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