Me and Anna said goodbye to Dave and Steph (again) before heading off for breakfast. We went to Vudu Cafe, and although my meal first came out with bacon and sausages on, we had a very nice breakfast.

Anna went to use the internet and I headed back to the hostel, where I read and chatted to Nastasia until Anna got back. We then went up in the gondola to the Skyline complex, on a hill overlooking Queenstown. We also bought five luge rides so we did that straight away. It was quite scary at first, because if you push the handles too far forward you’ll brake and go over the top, so you’re kinda weary of that! But after one go on the ‘scenic’ route, we had our other four on the ‘adventure’ route – much more fun!

We had a snack and took lots of photos, had a look around the souvenir shop and then headed back down in the gondola, narrowly missing out on seeing someone doing their bungy jump from The Ledge.

Once back in town, I headed over to the internet for a couple of hours, then to Starbucks for a chai tea latte and a veggie falafel kebab from a Turkish food stall. I wandered back via the lakefront, not really knowing which way I was going, and spent the rest of the evening in front of the TV – CSI!

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