The bus was really full today, going from Lake Tekapo to Christchurch, so I sat next to the Canadian girl. We stopped in a little place called Geraldine for breakfast, then watched Shrek 2 on the bus because the scenery didn’t change for the rest of the journey. And one stretch of road went for 17km without a bend in it.

We stopped at the Cookie Time factory shop on the outskirts of Christchurch, and were in the hostels by 1ish. I checked in and unloaded my bags, watched a bit of TV, then wandered into the city centre with some of the other Magic people. They wanted to go on the internet and some others were looking for another hostel, so I went off on my own to tourist information and Starbucks, and then bought some clothes.

I went back to the hostel and read LOTR. Freddy called – we’re meeting for breakfast tomorrow. After more reading, I spent the rest of the evening chatting to my roommates.

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