Went to Kaikoura on the Magic bus today. It isn’t that far so we there by lunchtime. We stopped at a lookout above town and also at the seal colony at the far end of town before going to our hostels. Some people were booked to go whale-watching, but they couldn’t go because the water was too rough. I’m booked for tomorrow, and was just hoping it would be better by then.

I got a Subway for lunch and chatted to Angela for a while, before heading into town. I got an ice-cream and walked along the shore, then turned around and headed back into town. I went on the internet for a couple of hours, bought some groceries, and then went back to the hostel.

I spent the evening reading LOTR. Finally reached the part where they destroy the ring and are going back to the Shire. It feels like its taken ages to read this far, but compared to last time I read it, it’s been really quick.

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