Kaikoura to Picton. Read LOTR for most of the journey. We stopped at a track up to a waterfall, where there were fur seal pups playing in a pool. Very cute.

Reached Picton by lunchtime, and headed to The Villa. I got comfy in the treehouse and finished LOTR. Cried again! Then almost fell down the steps out of the treehouse!

Chatted to a French girl in my dorm. Her friend got groped in her sleep in a hostel in Nelson! The same one as I stayed in when I was there. The police said the guy had done it before, but hadn’t been convicted. They were hoping he would get convicted this time and they’d be able to get him out of the country. Creepy!

Later I wandered into town, but most places had already closed. I bought a paper and went to a cafe to read it. The hostel does free apple crumble during winter, which was very tasty, but I think mine is better!

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