Struggled out of bed, but got to reception by 9am, and worked until nearly 3pm. Mostly OK but one family were shocking: two went up to the ski field and left the others in the motel. They were supposed to check out at 10am: we kicked them out at 11.15am, and the two arrived back around noon. Then they went back into the motel (after I’d cleaned it) and used the toilet. And they left the place in a state too.

Spent the rest of the afternoon having lunch, reading and getting ready for work.

Horrible weather tonight: I got quite wet on the walk to Schnapps. So it was the dDub gig tonight. They’re a Kiwi dub band. They’re really good, but National Park is their biggest gig in NZ, even though they play in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Queenstown. So we were prepared for it to be really busy, and I was in charge of the shots bar (all named after songs of dDub). From 6.30pm to 9pm I was taking food orders, making coffees and setting up my bar, and after 9pm I was serving shots and Corona. Only most people didn’t know I was there so I wasn’t that busy. Still got four drinks bought for me, and one guy insisting on dancing with me.

It was quite a good night, and we finished around 2am. Spud demanded our company in the back bar with the band, and I got to make them shots too!

But dDub are apparently cursed whenever they play in Schnapps. Last year, the snow was so bad that half the people with tickets couldn’t make it to the gig, and the band almost didn’t make it. This year they brought a thunderstorm, and a power failure, and at around 3am, Derek (the lead singer) got a phone call to say his Dad had died. He was ill and they’d visited him on the way down, but still upsetting obviously. So it all went a bit sombre. Then Spud and I stayed in the bar talking until around 4am when I decided it really was time to go home.

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