It was blowing a gale in the Bay of Islands this morning: everyone in the hostel who had a trip booked had it cancelled. I spent a couple of hours on the internet, then went over to Waitangi, where the treaty was signed in 1840. I saw a really big waka (war canoe), the house where James Busby lived, and a meeting house which was opened during the centenary celebrations in 1940.

Shame I didn’t come here before playing Trivial Pursuit: James Busby was the answer to one of the questions: who was the first Resident of New Zealand?

After Waitangi, I drove a little further north to Kerikeri. Another place which is best in good weather I imagine, but it was nice all the same. I had some lunch and headed back to Auckland. When I stopped for petrol, I noticed that I’ve lost a hub cap sometime since Opononi. Not too bothered: it was only plastic and I took out insurance which should cover it. I’ve been saying “hello possum” lots over the past couple of days, but it’s much less fun alone!

Back in Auckland by 7.30pm, and read Harry Potter because Kris had work to do.


  1. Hello Possum
    You’re probably in the US by now but seems like you’ve seen plenty of mud baths, steam, water and big trees. Can’t wait for the photos.
    Amused about the half dead cat.

  2. Dear Francesca,
    Memories of our trip to NZ on your latest travels around the North of North island, Kerikeri,Pahia, Bay of Islands, Haka Falls ( I can still hear them!)and I remember the Champagne pools and smell of sulphur!!
    By the time you read this you’ll probably be in LA

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