Had breakfast and went on the internet trying to arrange the next part of my trip. I had to phone the hostel in Monterey, and managed to get the last bed for Sunday and Monday nights.

Headed down to the beach around 10am. It’s a very wide beach: it took at least five minutes to get near the ocean! I stayed there until around noon, then walked along the beach to Venice. Once there I walked along the Ocean Front walk, which is lined with stalls selling artwork, jewellery, henna tattoos, clothes, and all sorts. There were also a few psychics and tarot card readers, a few street performers, and the Venice Freak Show, which was something to with animals and they had a snake at the door, so I stayed away!

There were a few interesting things there, but I wasn’t looking to buy. It probably was the first and will be the only time I see a guy sat on the bonnet of a yellow Porsche with a snake around his shoulders though.

Anyway…Then I wandered back to Santa Monica, did a bit of shopping, and bought some food. There were lots of street performers along Third Street Promenade too, mostly singers. I went back to the hostel, read, went on the internet, ate, showered, packed. And then went to bed.

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