I got up quite early to take advantage of the free internet in the hostel and upload some photos. I was out ready to explore San Francisco by 9am. I headed through all the fruit and vegetable stalls of Stockton Street, towards North Beach where I got some breakfast in an Italian cafe. I then walked to Pier 39, which was very touristy and twee. From there I walked along the Embarcadero to the ferry terminal, and then turned up Market Street. Fairly certain I was being yelled at by a crazy tramp as I crossed the street…

I walked along Market Street, then turned up for Union Square, where all the expensive shops like Macy’s and Saks are. I went to Borders and bought a couple of books. As I was rejoining Market Street, I passed all the tourists getting their photos of the cable car turning around, and queuing up for their ride.

I walked miles up Market Street and eventually reached Lower Haight, where I had lunch in a Moroccan cafe, and possibly found the first waitress who earned her tip. After that I got a bus back to Union Square, bought some clothes, went to Starbucks, and then back to the hostel.

So today was pretty crap. Pier 39 was full of tourist eateries and shops. The Embarcadero was just a really long walk past all the ferry buildings. Union Square would be great if all I wanted was to shop. And as I found out later, Upper Haight is the nice part. Felt like I wasted the day.

Later in the hostel, I got a Chinese from a place up the road, and I got a fortune cookie with it: “treat yourself to a good book for a needed rest and escape”. Who says they aren’t accurate?!

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