I got a bagel and coffee from the Vietnamese cafe on the corner this morning: the bagel was good but the coffee was not. I walked along Columbus Avenue to Fisherman’s Wharf, which is a little further along than Pier 39. While it was equally touristy and there were plenty of shops selling “I love San Francisco” tack, it was a little more bearable. I also got my first sight of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I took the streetcar over to Castro, since I walked about eight miles yesterday, and Castro is on the other side of town. I walked around a little, bought a couple of books, and got a coffee and cake. Here I found the next people who earned their tips.

Afterwards I caught the bus to Upper Haight and had a wander around the vintage clothes shops. I also found a great cafe near Golden Gate Park, selling organic and fair trade, and one of the few places left to serve coffee in real cups.

I walked into the park and firstly went to the Conservatory of Flowers, which were pretty; and then to the Japanese Tea Garden, which was a bit pointless. I got the bus up to Fort Point Lookout, right near the Golden Gate Bridge, got some photos, then walked a little way out onto the bridge. The phone for crisis counselling amused me.

Then I got the bus back to Stockton Street, and walked to the hostel. Had the rest of my Chinese for supper, packed and finished Da Vinci Code.

So today was much better than yesterday. Castro and Upper Haight were by far the best areas of the city, and with the friendliest people.

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