So I got to Portland at 7am, but my hostel wouldn’t open until 8am, and apparently it was only a ten minute walk. Luckily I found a Starbucks en route (and one with pleasant staff no less). I managed to pass the time there until about 8.30am, then continued walking.

I checked in but my bed wouldn’t be ready until after 2pm, so I put my bags in storage and went for a wander. Northwest Portland is well-organised: the streets are named in alphabetical order, and the avenues that cross them are numbered, so you know pretty soon if you’re travelling in the wrong direction.

So I wandered around 21st Avenue, whch is full of coffee shops, bars, and little boutiques. Then I went into the city centre (Downtown) and found an internet cafe called Backspace, which wasn’t just cool, but also vegetarian! After spending a little time on the internet I walked towards Pioneer Square and found a vegan cafe. I got a little lost in Downtown, and went back to the hostel once I found my way out!

It’s very hot today, and I’m feeling extra smelly since I haven’t showered since my bus journey! After cooling down in the shady courtyard of the hostel, I walked up to Washington Park, saw Mt Hood in the distance, and read for a while.

I walked back down to the hostel via 23rd Avenue, another one filled with cafes and bars. I finally checked in and went for a shower, then wandered back to Backspace to upload photos and charge my MP3 player.

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