I went to Noah’s for a bagel and coffee to start my day, then across the road to Shutterbug to copy my photos onto CD. I caught the streetcar to Downtown (not that far but it was more fun than walking, and air-conditioned), and wandered into Pioneer Square. They put on free concerts around lunchtime most days. Today was some sort of American Idol type thing. Didn’t stay long.

I went to Veganopolis (the vegan cafe I found yesterday) for their buffet lunch. It was then that I realised that vegetarian come in all shapes and sizes: not all look like skinny waifs in need of a good meal, vitamins and some protein. Some look like a cross between a pirate and a biker.

After lunch, I walked over to the Waterfront Park. It was very pleasant but incredibly warm. I walked back via a fountain that people seem to use to cool off in the summer. The dads were having as much fun as the kids. I wish I had suitable attire with me too.

I took the streetcar back to the hostel, and spent the evening reading.

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