I woke up early and tried to make it for the 8.30am train (I had a bus booked at 10.30am but wanted to leave early), but wasn’t quite fast enough. So instead I got a coffee at the place across the road from the hostel, took a walk around the block, and had 15 minutes on the internet. Then I walked down to the Greyhound station, via Starbucks where I got an Iced White Chocolate Mocha.

The bus journey was fairly uneventful, and lasted four hours.

We reached Seattle at 2.30pm, and I walked 10 blocks to the Green Tortoise hostel, which is right outside the Pike Place Market, one of the big tourist attractions here. It is also a really nice hostel with nice staff.

I unpacked and changed, and had a quick wander around the market. The Starbucks here is the original one, so loads of people were getting their photos outside. I then walked down 1st Avenue to the Online Coffee Company, and spent too much money on the internet!

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