I started today with breakfast just up the street. A proper sit-down meal with real cups, plates and cutlery. And not much more expensive than queuing. After breakfast I spent a while on the internet, still trying to organise New England.

Around 11am I set off for the UN. I got totally disorientated when I came out of Grand Central because I couldn’t see the Chrysler Building, and ended up walking in the wrong direction to begin with. Anyway, I turned around, walked a couple more blocks to the UN, and went through security.

You can go in and look around the foyer and outside, and go down to the gift shop and bookshop. But they also do a tour to the chambers. I booked the tour, then looked around the exhibits in the foyer while I waited. There was an art exhibition on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and a children’s painting competition about climate change. I also watched a video on the start of the UN.

Then we went on the tour. We visited the Security Council Chamber, Trusteeship Council Chamber, and General Assembly Hall. We also saw a mural by an artist called Zanetti, a peacekeeping exhibit, a decolonisation exhibit, a disarmament exhibit, and three pieces of art which were gifts to the UN: a mosaic by someone called Rockwell (from Nancy Raegan), a Chinese ivory carving, and a Thai barge.

I also looked in the giftshop and bookshop, and got a coffee before leaving.

I walked back to Grand Central Station and took the subway to Brooklyn. I got a coffee and then went in what I thought was the right direction. Turned out it wasn’t, so I ended up walking around some (very nice) houses in Brooklyn.

I found my way to a part they seem to be redeveloping (not nice), and walked towards the bridge. Got my photos, then started walking to the pedestrian entrance. Ashton and Cameron must be following me, because they were in Brooklyn today, filming in a taxi. I decided to look up what they could be filming, and it might be something called “The Arrangement”.

So I walked across the bridge, got the subway back to the hostel, and went on ther internet. I’ve now decided to go to Martha’s Vineyard and Newport after Boston.

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