This hostel does free breakfasts: bagels and fruit, as well as the free coffee and tea.

After that I walked up Boylston Street, which runs parallel to Newbury. It passes by Copley Square, where the Public Library and Trinity Church are. Then it continues on to the Public Garden. It’s mostly huge old-money buildings: very grand. I walked through the garden, where I saw the swan boats on the “lake”. I expected them to be a little more Alton Towers, where you sit in a big swan, but they were long boats with lots of seats and small swans at the back.

I found my way to Massachusetts State House, then took a bit of a round-about way to the Old South Meeting House, home of the infamous Boston Tea Party. I had a quick look in Borders which was across the road, before telling myself that I didn’t need a book. Then I walked to the Old South State House, home of the infamous Boston Massacre.

After that I took myself on an unguided tour, seeing lots of fancy buildings, but having no idea where I was. I somehow ended up back at the park. I wandered back along Newbury Street from there, then I headed over to the Mary Baker Eddy Library to see the Mapparium: a three-storey glass globe. It was kinda cool, but you only get 20 minutes in there, and have to pay $6 for it, and you can’t take photos.

I did some grocery shopping in the evening, then spent the evening hanging out with Jenny, Sarah and April.

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