This is another hostel where they provide breakfast but it’s self serve. I managed to burn my pancakes this morning and set off the fire alarm! After eating my burnt pancakes, I spent most of the morning chatting to Ami, a Japanese girl studying cancer research in NYC.

I caught the bus to Edgartown at 11.45am. Looked around a bit, then bought an ice cream and sat up on Memorial Wharf eating it, and watching the one-minute ferry over to Chappaquiddick. I saw lots of the historical sites, including the Sculpin Gallery (oldest building on the island), lots of grand colonial houses, and the lighthouse. It’s a bit too red, white and blue for my liking: there are flags on almost all the front porches.

I got a coffee in a courtyard cafe, then caught the bus over to Oak Bluffs. It was a nice bus ride, with the ocean on one side, and the “pond” on the other. Edgartown is full of colonial houses, and Oak Bluffs is all about the gingerbread houses. Very colourful and very cute. I took a couple of photos in Ocean Park (not sure if that was a literal name because the ground was waterlogged!), then headed up the main shopping street. I got some lunch (although it was about 3.30pm), then caught the bus over to Vineyard Haven.

I didn’t have much time in Vineyard Haven, so I had a quick wander up the main street, then went to the bike rental place just before 5pm. I cycled back to the hostel the long way (about 15 miles), via Edgartown: basically back along the bus route I took.

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