Wonderful breakfast on Monday morning, followed by several people trying their hand at lassoing. LT and Lana’s son Dax won a team-roping championship with his friend (I think at state-level, but can’t be sure). He wasn’t there at this time, but we got a taste of just how good he is on Friday!

A little later we were all assigned horses, and given a quick lesson in how to ride Western. I got Indy, a black and white paint horse (piebald to those of us in the UK!). We all got on our horses and had a quick go in the arena, before we headed out on a trail ride.

We covered about 15 miles, up into the hills and through canyons. The scenery was stunning and there were no settlements as far as you could see.

After we got back to the ranch, I went down to the winter house with Lacey to find out where our luggage was. Very confusing because Fedex had picked it up in the last half hour, so United weren’t really taking responsibility for it anymore, but Fedex hadn’t put it into their system yet. We were going to go back later, but didn’t bother in the end: just trusted that it would arrive sometime.

I had my first experience of the outdoor shower: perfectly nice until a gust of wind gets you from underneath the walls! Amazingly my clothes still weren’t smelling that bad.

We had supper and spent the rest of the evening listening to Di telling jokes.

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