This morning LT cooked our pancakes and eggs over the campfire, while Lana did the hash browns in the chuck wagon. Apparently LT is annoyed at how little we’re doing because “this is not a dude ranch”. I don’t remember being told what was expected of us beforehand, but I think a few of us tried being a bit more helpful!

We helped take down the camp, then LT went to round up the saddle horses and we made a ‘human corale’ to pen them in. To start the day we had to walk alongside the creek to make sure none of the horses were hiding in the willows.

Then 9 of us had to get 25 horses to a bridge and hold them there while LT, Lana and the other 4 rounded up another 10 horses. There were a few attempts at a breakaway but we managed to keep them together. Until the other 10 arrived that is. Buzz ended up running back to camp, and it took Dad, Bob, Steve and Tim to get him back. Dad resorted to taking the halter off his own horse and leading Buzz back. Also managed to give himself a nasty rope burn on his arm too.

I did the same as yesterday: spent the morning at the back driving, and the afternoon at the front leading. Once Buzz was back, he didn’t want to leave us! He was in amongst the saddle horses the whole day.

We reached Warm Springs around 5:30pm and turned the horses loose. There is a pool near to the camp with warm water so we went for a dip, then settled down for the evening with a few beers. We had supper round the campfire again, and later LT sat with Bob and tried to understand what he was saying!

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