Not actually par of the horse drive though, because this was the day off when we just went on a trail ride. It was a much slower day, just taking it easy, but we did have a couple of good canters.

We headed up Grouse Creek and covered about 10 miles. There was a moose and calf, but they were quite far off. Probably a good thing since they can get quite aggressive when scared!

We rode into Grouse Creek canyon, had lunch and headed back the way we came. On the way back, I joined Sheree, Di and Tracy for a canter, to catch up with LT, Lana and a few others. We cantered for ages with no sign of them. When we stopped at a creek for the horses to drink, Di said that she couldn’t see any hoofprints on the track except ours. Turns out LT, Lana and the others cantered only a short way, then hid from us! And watched us go sailing by!

Still fun tho…

We were camping at Warm Springs again that night. Lots of singing around the campfire – not from me though!

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