We had our last breakfast together this morning and said our goodbyes. I felt myself welling up a bit – amazing how close you can get to people in a week!

M was leaving the airport a little before us, so me and Dad had some food with her.

We got a flight to Boise, where we picked up our rental car. Unfortunately what I wasn’t told when I booked was that I needed a driving licence and credit card in the same person’s name. And as Dad doesn’t have a credit card, I had to use my licence, bumping up the rental price quite significantly. Not happy.

So I did a couple of circuits of the the car park, trying to get to grips with a left-hand-drive automatic. Then out into a city I don’t know with road rules I don’t understand!

We checked into a motel called Catana, and found an nice pizzeria in town for supper.

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